The Journeymen Cricket Club
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Who are The Journeymen?

The aims of the club shall be

(a) to play good cricket with a good humour and a good grace in the hope that, whatever the result, both teams will go home happy;

(b) to create an atmosphere in which players are valued for themselves and not just their cricketing abilities; and

(c) to make every effort to secure a satisfactory level of involvement in the game for all those representing the club


All members are expected to observe the following playing rules:

(a) batsmen, who know they are out, will walk;

(b) bowlers and fielders will not appeal if they know the batsman not to be out;

(c) appeals will be lodged without intimidation or aggression;

(d) there will be no questioning of umpiring decisions, on or off the field;

(e) bowlers shall lighten up when catches are dropped off them; and

(f) players should arrive at the ground at least 20 minutes before the start time